Our body follows certain natural ‘circadian’ rhythms, which are regulated by our sleep cycles as well as our eating patterns. These circadian rhythms are typified by cycles in levels of hormones. Each of which serve the purpose of regulating specific functions in the body. For instance, insulin is the primary moderator of fat utilisation. And it is via the control of these hormones through our customised nutrition plans that enables our program to give you the best results we can. This method allows us to:

  • Extend the body’s natural fat burning state for as long as possible
  • Enable your body to consume nutrients in a way that fat burning continues despite the ingestion of food
  • Ensure that your body is replenished well enough that it doesn’t reach the misunderstood and dreaded fat loss plateau

We suggest changes/experiments to optimize your results and help you get a better understanding of what works best for your body.
We take you through multiple variants to figure out what your body responds to the best and what fits best with your lifestyle. This leads you to arrive at your sustainable lifestyle.