Srikanth Srinivasan, Principal Engineer, Qualcomm



My wife and I have had excellent results from the LeanScience program. What started as a desperate attempt to “lose weight” expanded into a “get healthy” approach from the first interaction with Ameet Bagwe. As the program progressed, we saw significant improvements in our mood, reduction in stress and even an increase in self-esteem and how we viewed ourselves. I even started paying attention to the clothes I was wearing to reflect this new well-being.  We thankfully took the exercise and particularly the weight training seriously and its paid off. A welcome unexpected bonus of doing this with my wife has helped us find a new commonality be it in finding new veggie recipes or discussing how certain muscles are toning differently in us!

After 1 year, we are still enthusiastically on the path and realize now that this is a lifelong commitment to better well-being. So take the plunge – you will only gain! We wholeheartedly recommend the LeanScience program.

Swathi and Srikanth

Age : 36 and 40