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Actual testimonial

I’m more than delighted to share something wonderful with you. 🙂

My mother-in-law was a chronic diabetic with very high sugar levels of 400 to 500 plus, and she was hypertensive without complete function in her lungs. Due to all these, she was mostly confined to max of 10 -20 steps in a day. If she tried doing more, she used to complain of terrible back ache,used to walk with support and and have breathlessness.

We started our diet plan with you and she also started to follow us. After 1 month, her sugar levels have dropped significantly and are now around 150. She has also become very active. She now walks around freely, takes around 4000 plus steps in a day, climbs stairs on her own, and even does some free exercises.

I hope this motivates your other clients who are also battling with diabetes.