Post from the client.



I want to share this for a long time, finally able to articulate it.

First of all I would like to thank Ameet Bagwe for his invaluable guidance provided in this weight loss journey. I was posting this on behalf of my wife who was the actual benefiter of the diet.

As she wanted to lose her weight due to various reasons obsessively, She tried various methods right from exercise and some diets, which either keeps her hungry or make her tired. Finally we got to know about Ameet Bagwe and we met and started following his diet he suggested. Needless to mention we are amazed with the results we have seen, which she never dreamt of. In a span of 5 to 6 months she had lost her weight from around 82 to 58 kg. And one good thing about the diet is no starvation and no tiredness. Your day to day activities can be performed as actively as before. And overall health parameters being improved after the diet.I would once again like to thank Ameet Bagwe for sharing his knowledge and making us empowered.