Nandeesh Gowda, Surgeon, Paediatrics

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Actual testimonial

I am a surgeon by profession, and first heard about Ameet after he had helped my brother with fat loss and fitness. In my case, I was interested in knowing Ameet’s fat loss techniques, and also if they would help me get my diabetes back under control.

In my first session with Ameet, as he explained the scientific fundamentals behind his program, I was pleasantly surprised to find that all of his concepts are based around fundamental physiology of nutrition and the various energy exchange mechanisms in the body. I even joked to him that the session was like an interesting recap of the physiology courses from my first couple of years in medical school. 🙂
My sugar levels were very high till 390 and use to take 2gm amryl tabs, now reduce to metformin 500mg, on further thinking to stop tablets,
My weight in December was 93kg in feb it came to 83kg still I working to reduce till 73 kg.
It took about 3 moths to achieve desirable results without much special diet and strenuous excise. Thanks to Ameet.