Sreeharsha Srinivas, Application Manager, Analog Devices

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10 Kgs weight loss in 6.5 weeks.

Thanks to my colleague and a good friend Ameet Bagwe for introducing me to this lifestyle.

Even with a fairly active lifestyle (Badminton, Cycling), was not able to make the weighing machine needle dip.

Ketosis worked like a charm for me. My frequent acidity issues are not seen in the last 45 days. Mind is clearer, knee pain disappeared.

A huge credit to my wife Ramya Sreeharsha for her creativity in the kitchen, especially paneer dishes. And also being very supportive during the past 45 days.

Thanks to Shyam Jagannathan for hand holding in the initial stages, and for being a motivation during the past 45 days.

This is certainly a good push to achieve more