Lohit Shourie, Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle

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Close to the two-month mark since i started on Ameet’s fitness programme, so it is appropriate i share the results on his wall. The before-after picture below highlights the subtle transformation of 4 inches off the waist – now about 32 pounds less-of-a-burden-on-earth, half of which happened in the last two months.

The gruesome details of this transformation… (long, but do read if you are interested in knowing how…)

It all started when i tipped the scales at 200 pounds (why not kgs? Cos i weighed myself in the US and was scared to go near a weighing scale after that!). This was back in 2010, which is when the “before” picture (at the left) was taken.

Thanks to Amandeep‘s personal initiative to lose weight as well, we started a loose program of cardio, involving just running, from Jan-May 2012. (Hint: If you are starting on an exercise regimen, it is great to have someone equally motivated for company)

Then, we joined aerobics classes at Aero fitness centre. The next six months saw us gain stamina and lose a couple of inches of the love handles. 2013 arrived and left, leaving me with the same weight and waist, albeit a few oscillations – i had hit a plateau, and with it, desperation. i could not add any more hours to my fitness time.

Thus, mid Jun 2014, discontent at having remained almost the same since Jan 2013, i turned to Ameet, who has been dabbling with fitness, exercise, diet,etc. for quite a while. A quick lesson on the general biology of energy cycles in the body, the regulatory hormones, etc. later, he started me off on a ketogenic diet.

The diet is difficult, but in two weeks, i lost 3.5 kgs. Unfortunately, i do not have a picture of before the diet, but, in the last two months that i have been under his guidance, i have lost 5.5 kgs and a bit over two inches of waist – i managed to fit into an old pair of pants that i could not wear for 16 years (why/how i managed to hold on to those pants is an unworthy story i shall not bore with – but i would like to add this was a goal).

This transformation has happened without any exercise at all, save for minor walking. (Please read that line again – it is true!)


A few valuable lessons that i gleaned from my experience and from Ameet

– Be clear of your goals. i had a simple one – a time-machine to when i first moved to Bangalore. You may not lose weight but lose fat (and thus volume). Again, Ameet explained the importance of using health markers rather than just weight as the motivation.

– Understand (or try to) why you are doing what you are doing. This will help when you face the dilemma of breaking any rule. Ameet is especially insistent on explaining why he suggests what he suggests. Without that, i suspect i would have easily succumbed to the urge to cheat.

The lessons do not end here because the learning does not. Hoping there is more transformation (for the better) to follow… (No older clothes to fit into anymore but hoping i can invest in a newer wardrobe without elastic bands 🙂 )