Rahul Bhagwat, Director, Just Answer, California.

Post and Pics


Actual Feedback

This note has been long overdue, but was waiting for a personal milestone that I finally hit today (<200lb for the first time in almost a decade!).

What I like about the Bagwe method is that it’s not just about weight loss, although the results there are impressive.

Rather the approach is geared towards overall wellness and strength in a sustainable way that fits in well with hectic lifestyles.

I feel stronger and healthier than I have in a long time, I’m off my reflux meds, my knees bother me a lot less, I no longer get the dreaded late afternoon energy slump / sugar craving, and the best part: I don’t feel deprived of the things I enjoy.

There’s even room for the occasional indulgence, which made it so much easier to navigate holiday season, that graveyard of diets and resolutions.

Time for some numbers: in 6 months I have gone from

Weight- 233lb to 199lb

Waist- 46in to 38.25in

Stomach- 44in to 37.25in

So: Trust Bagwe, do what he tells you- there’s a good reason for it even if it seems counterintuitive at first – and watch yourself start hitting your goals!



Time for the 12 month update – which coincidentally is also the -50lb milestone!

What’s become clear over time (and constantly reinforced by Bagwe) is that this is a process and a lifestyle change, not a quick fix to drop a few pounds.

So it’s important to set the right things in motion, trust the process and continue to follow it (in spite of the inevitable plateaus) because it does yield results over time.

It also does some interesting things to the body.

For example: I’m back from my annual India vacation. Few to no opportunities to work out or stick to a low carb diet, sleep and eating patterns disrupted due to jet lag. Plus plenty of temptations at every meal, which I usually give in to. The result last year: weight gain of 7-8 lbs. The result this year: weight gain of 0.5lb, which was gone in a week.

And it’s not just about diet; strength training and HIIT are crucial. I had initially found Bagwe’s insistence on this irritating (“I have a busy life!”) but found it was rather easy to integrate into my schedule with some minor adjustments. It’s not a huge time commitment (2-3 intense but efficient workouts a week) and now I find myself actually looking forward to it.

The best part: now that I’ve learned more about how my body responds to the process I’m not as obsessively focused on weight loss and don’t stress about any blips along the way. My focus is now on getting fitter and stronger, and on enjoying life!