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I fit into jeans that I wore in college ( Note – I graduated in 1996)

Since I have your attention now (I hope)…….. Let me start with this long pending testimonial. I got to know of Ameet Bagwe through Rajesh Uppalapati, who had started to look leaner, fitter and ten years younger. My exact words were ‘what are you doing these days Rajesh, you look great.’ Honestly what Rajesh told me sounded a bit improbable. When has dieting been easy ? Or who loses weight so quickly and is overall healthy. But then the same story was repeated by Guru (who also looked awesome after losing a ton of weight) and my interest was piqued about this age defying approach to fitness 🙂 (Seriously everyone who was following this diet was looking much younger than they did before).

Just to give a bit of background about my state of health and weight before I met Ameet. I had gone from being really fit to pleasantly plump by gaining about 12 kgs in the last 7 years. I used to walk regularly and exercise on and off. Twice in the last 7 years I had managed to lose about 6 to 8 kgs of that extra weight. But it came back each time I became a bit lazy about exercising. As far as health goes, I have a tendency to fall sick quite often. Each minor issue tends to become severe due to secondary infections… overall immunity has been a bit low. I am fairly regular about my annual health checks. My haemoglobin rates had been low for last few years (despite taking supplements). In the last 7 years I had also acquired hypothyroidism. In the last 4 – 5 years each time I met the doctor after the check, they asked me if I had a history of diabetes in the family (which I don’t). And anytime I asked the doctor what was the problem, they said ‘it was nothing to worry about’. Well, I am not the curious kinds so I did not worry about it.

As Ameet insists, the first time I met him was with my most recent health check reports. Couple of things he helped me understand were, I was pre diabetic (the doctors only ask us to worry when we become sick. There is rarely any preventive advice !). Clearly my body was not absorbing nutrients from the food and supplements that I was having as all my vital mineral counts were low despite supplements and that was contributing my low immunity levels. The first conversation with Ameet was an eye opener. He gave me a clear cause and effect of why my state of health was the way it was. Regarding his plan, he explained how each step will impact me. We did not take the target of ‘weight loss’ but overall improvement of health. And he created an overall diet, supplement & wellness plan for me.

I started working with Ameet on 27th of July. I really liked how his plan eases you into the regime. As far as the diet goes, the hardest part was giving up on the morning chai. Honestly, beyond that, I really enjoyed the food that I got to eat. I was very disciplined about the food patterns defined in each stages for the first 2 months. Thereafter, I had some personal engagements that required me to travel a lot. But by this time I had figured what to eat. So even if I could not get the preferred options, I could myself choose the food that will not let me go off the diet significantly. By 26th of August I had lost 2 inches around my waist and 6 kgs. One thing that I did not do well and inline with Ameet’s inputs – I did not exercise. Interestingly, that did not really stop my weight loss at all.

It’s been 5 months now. I fit into jeans that I couldn’t wear for last 7 years (the one I had since college ….honestly they are a bit loose now). I have lost all extra weight, I don’t get sick often and overall I feel really energetic. And ladies, one additional benefit of the regime – your skin and hair looks great