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Testimonial post.


I worked with Ameet Bagwe last year. I am not posting before / after pictures or talking about pounds and inches lost as that’s not doing full justice to what I learned from Ameet Bagwe.

The thing I liked about Ameet is he explains the WHY, and essentially teaches you how to fish. WHY does your body react to carbs a certain way; WHY you need proteins, fats, vitamins; WHY you need to focus on certain form of exercises over others; WHY is diet more important that exercise if fat loss is your goal, and so on.

There are products and services in the market which supposedly help you loose weight. Also there is a ton of reading material on what you should eat and how you should work out to get a ripped body and the ever elusive six pack. Paleo to Pilates, Atkins to Aerobics, Weight Watchers to Weight Training – late night TV and the internet is full of this snake oil. Everyone tells you WHAT to do, HOW to do; no one explains the WHY (the science) – as if that’s their trade secret! As a result you see some results with these products but the moment you deviate from the tight prescription you don’t know how to get back on.

Beyond the WHY, Ameet lays out a detail WHAT and HOW plan for diet, exercise and supplements after analysing your blood reports etc. Here again as part of the plan he explains WHY you are doing every little thing – why you should try and fast till lunch, why you do composite exercises and HIIT. Trust me it made it much easier for me to buy into this way of living and adopt his plan.

In terms of results, of courser I saw improvement in weight and scale measures. For me, how I feel is what mattered most to me. I felt leaner and more energetic. Some of the little niggles in knees or ankles I felt after a long workout vanished. Also felt I can concentrate better and longer.

Now here’s the real kicker! I can still eat and drink anything, nothing is off limits. I don’t have to sweat long hours in the gym. I can follow the plan at home or if I am traveling. So, it’s something which seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle.

Thanks Ameet for helping me understand these first principles better and good luck with your Lean Sciences concept.