Girish Koppad, Director, TiVo

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I used to hit the gym couple times a week, played badminton, went hiking over the weekends after I moved to the Bay area, but did not notice any significant changes with my weight.

Finally, I noticed FB posts on Ameet Bagwe‘s wall and decided to seek his help. We started with a hangout call to go over the basics and then mostly exchanged WhatsApp messages after that to check on my progress. Wow, little did I know that I would drop about 20 pounds in 75 days. Moved from a size 36 pair of jeans to 32.

I am enjoying this new diet high fat, low carb lifestyle so much. Definitely hiking feels a lot easier now. Also it is pretty easy to get the routine fit into my lifestyle.

I still have some ways to go, but I am now confident that I will get there. Thanks Ameet for showing me the way…Must also thank technology for making it so easy for Ameet and I to communicate across the continents.

Sunday off to Sao Paulo for a week!!!