Shayshi K Bhalla, Country Manager, Micro Focus.


Testimonial Text

A life changing Journey from Fat to Fit.

This is not the final one, as the Journey to my Desire destination is still on. But I think this time around it should be with Before and After photographs and here is my last 4-5 months journey, which has changed my complete lifestyle and All thanks Ameet Bagwe and LeanScience for helping me achieve what I have achieved so far.

Where ever I go nowadays, multiple questions are being asked again and again
– how have you done this transformation?
– what is it you are doing?
– Is there any diet plan you are following or only workout?
Guys here is the answer to all your questions, please connect with Leanscience and they guide you based on you health parameter.

One of the Biggest achievement so far for me in this transformation is that I am almost off Sugar Medication YES you heard it right OFF SUGAR Medication and maintaining great sugar level. My last HbA1C was 5.7. I am sure all other medical parameters have also improved by now.

Second big change is being shown in the before and after collage which I am posting here. In this 5-6 months transformation journey there are lot of things changed, here are some of the results which i am very happy about

From 47 Inches waist Size to 38 inch
From XL T-Shirt Size to Medium
From 44 Shirt Size to 41-40
From 115KG to 95KG

This transformation will continue and I am hoping to shed some more weight and more importantly improve my overall Health parameters. As I continue I will share next set of before and after picture soon ……