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Two months in, 9kgs lighter and feeling fitter and stronger than ever before. Interested? Read on…

The Mumbai Mirror article on ketogenic diet featuring Ameet Bagwe bagged my attention as it was the first time I had heard about it. I had read the article with great interest as I felt that was the tonic I needed as I was bored of early morning gym routines and regular diets which unfortunately saw me going nowhere.

Soon I took to the net and read up about Ameet and his techniques. I was quite spell bound by the results he had achieved with his clients and I quickly made up my mind that I would write to him. I had told myself this was my last attempt at getting fit and if this didn’t work I would just give up on workouts and eating right (read diets). After getting in touch with him, I received an introductory note which stated the course details and other methods he usually followed. What was really impressive was this was extremely formal and structured. I signed up but had to wait as Ameet works with limited clients at any given point of time.

The first interaction was on google hangouts (another first for me to work online on something so personal). I was bamboozled by the diagrams, explanation on energy systems and science class like feel. Workouts and cardio took a back seat to fixing the energy systems first. The results soon followed. Ameet’s approach goes beyond just numbers the weighing scale throws up and leads one to a better lifestyle path.Another positive is that he doesn’t over manage, so there’s enough freedom and intermittent guidance to be able to make the choices on my own.

Thanks Ameet for your help and patience and look forward to successfully completing the next planned phases.