We don’t advertise. Below is a snapshot from among the hundreds of clients that we have had, who have come to us purely through word of mouth references.

These are real people.

Individuals from various professions, lifestyles, challenges and body types. Managing busy schedules across work, family, travel and more! Where trying to be fit and healthy is an added demand on time. We thus have clients spanning:

  • All kinds of lifestyles – those who travel 4 days a week / those with desk jobs / housewives / active sports players.
  • Vegetarians, Non-Vegetarians, people with primarily rice based diets and more.
  • Clients with Type 2 diabetes or with Thyroid issues or with gastric problems.

Not just paid models or aspiring actors who need to look and be fit as part of their profession.

These very individuals are all now living a changed life. And have achieved success in spite of their many diverse starting points. All owing to their focus and supported by our years of research and unwavering commitment of our team.

You can click on the names to see their Professional profile.