LeanScience is the endeavour of two people, Ameet Bagwe and Sudarshan Gangrade, and has a simple vision:

To help more people become healthier and fitter through science, and in a way that leaves them independent in terms of weaving the methods sustainably into their lifestyle.


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Science is core to LeanScience. So important, we have it in our name, and we call it the Founder; with the 2 of us as Co-Founders. Science is the neutral, researched truth.
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Ameet is the quintessential mad scientist. When it comes to aspects of the science behind the human physiology or client’s health goals, he will not stop researching until he has figured it out at the core.
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Sudarshan is the reason LeanScience exists, building on Ameet’s concepts to make them accessible to everyone. He also runs the business side and ensures clients have a great experience at LeanScience.
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The LeRA (LeanScience Research and Application team) team’s  charter  is to build on the scientific nutrition and fitness methodologies pioneered by Ameet, and to further our vision: making sustainable fat loss and improved health accessible to all.



Born and brought up in Bangalore, Agnita a long distance runner, an outdoor enthusiast, enjoys playing the piano and loves travel. And those are what Agnita manages to do in her free time! She has 6 plus years of professional experience as a food science and nutrition graduate, and is currently working on a World Bank funded project to alleviate undernutrition in the state.
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LeanGuides are tasked with ensuring you are on track, every single day, w.r.t the program.



Vibhuti is a Biotechnology graduate who has spent close to 3 years at Accenture as a s/w developer. So what is she doing at LeanScience you ask? Her passion for the space of nutrition and fitness led her to pursue and get a degree in Dietitics and Nutrition while working at Accenture.She is now a full-time consultant in the space of diet and nutrition and can take credit for successfully practicing the low-carb lifestyle on herself and her clients.
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