Media Coverage for LeanScience

04 Jul: Economic Times

Economic Times Facebook India head Umang Bedi has had to change his wardrobe in the past 24 months. The sartorial overhaul isn’t because he is part of the Menlo Park headquartered social media company. It’s because Bedi has shed 31 kg in this time – his waist size had gone to 34 from 42. The Read More

06 Jun: Hindu Business Line

Link Want to know how to lose weight and get fitter without having to hit the gym? No gym, no yoga and no excerise but still you can shed those pounds by just having a good sleep and eating right. That is what Umang Bedi, India and South Asia MD, Facebook, has been doing for Read More

04 Jun: Business Insider

Business Insider People working in corporate and living a sedentary lifestyle are mostly obese. Exceptions are there, where hunks with 6-packs give others a serious envy. And as most of us know losing weight isn’t just tough but a mountainously strenuous. It’s far more than hitting the gym and eating right; there is a serious Read More

26 Nov: More than a gut feeling

On a friend’s suggestion, they contacted Ameet Bagwe, a nutrition and health consultant..He introduced the couple to gut protocol. “It fixed my husband’s constipation problem in a week and I have been off my antidepressant for more a month. I feel light and alive every morning,” says Puri.