Scientific weight loss

LeanScience teaches you how to train your body to maximize its ability to burn fat for all its energy needs. Unlike other run-of-the-mill programs, we help you understand the science and how you can make it work for you. Clients see an improvement in critical health markers like Triglycerides, Blood Sugar Levels, Inflammation parameters, Energy levels among others. True health matters, and weight loss is a result, not the end goal.

Scientific and sustainable

Our program is something that you can adapt and sustain long term, regardless of the demands of your lifestyle.

We trust you have gone through the many genuine, unpaid testimonials from our clients.


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Indian Clients – Rs. 65,000

International Clients – USD 1050

Duration – 3 Months


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Indian Clients – Rs. 101,000

International Clients – USD 1600

Duration – 3 Months


This option is available only to those people who are actually living together. The reasoning is that couples usually tend to follow similar (if not identical) eating patterns, so we will be able to set up a common routine.


  • We understand that individuals respond differently to programs. The initial phases will be common after which we will customize things for each member.
  • If you and a friend are both interested in joining, the couple option will not be applicable, because essentially you are leading two very different lives in different households.
  • If one of the members has a medical condition (detailed below), he/she will be charged as an individual client with the corresponding prices. The other member will be charged at an additional Rs. 30,000.
  • In case both members have a medical condition, we will be charging them as 2 separate individuals, with a 15% discount on the total fee.


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Indian Clients – Rs. 85,000

International Clients – USD 1500

Duration – 3 Months


This option is meant for people with special medical conditions that require greater customization and monitoring from our end. In many such cases, we have helped clients with Type 2 Diabetes go off their medication and guided others to improve their Cholesterol and TriGlyceride numbers.


For now, this option includes individuals:

  • with Fasting Blood Sugar levels > 115 or who are on Type 2 Diabetes medication.
  • who are currently on Cholesterol / BP / Cardiac medication.
  • whose age > 50 years.
  • whose current medication may interfere with fat loss (such as anti-depressants).
  • who have a Thyroid history / are on Thyroid medication


Please note that these costs are NOT inclusive of Taxes. We will be charging an additional 18% GST on these prices.

Clients with Thyroid History

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Based on our research and experience, clients who have been on thyroid medication or have a history of Hypothyroidism usually need extensive research and time to see results. In order to do justice to the same, Ameet and his research team take on a limited number of clients who are on medical treatment for hypothyroidism. On account of this, if you fall in this category, you may need to plan for extended wait times before you are able to join the program. In addition, LeanScience will request for your blood tests, and may determine that your health parameters are not conducive for results that you may be seeking. At this point, we will clearly communicate our assessment of your report and you will need to decide if you would still like to join the wait list.

If these terms are acceptable to you, kindly proceed with your blood tests (listed here) and send your reports to us.


As with anything else in life, there may be reasons for our engagement not running its due course. If there are valid reasons for terminating our engagement early, LeanScience will refund the fees based on the following scenarios: –

  • If we find within the first couple of weeks that you are repeatedly breaking the non-negotiable terms of the engagement (listed here), LeanScience will retain Rs 35,000 and refund the remainder to you. This will apply whether you have signed on as an individual or with your spouse.
  • If you get side-tracked due to an unavoidable situation or a personal emergency, we will extend our engagement accordingly so as to offer you the ability to work with us for an overall duration of three months.
  • In all cases, our engagement will begin on the day of our first meeting. However, if there is an unavoidable delay between our first meeting and the actual beginning of your dietary routine, we will extend our engagement to account for the delay.
  • Please note that we will ensure that we do not begin an engagement if we feel you have a medical condition that will prevent you from seeing results.

For the cases above, the refund will be based on LeanScience’s discretion.

Kindly note that we will not entertain requests for a refund unless we believe there is a genuine reason for the same. Since we invest a lot of Ameet’s time and research into helping you reach your goals, we expect a similar level of engagement and commitment from you.

Once we issue the refund, your engagement with LeanScience will come to an end and you will lose access to the restricted content.