If we had to summarize our approach, it is all about teaching the body to maximize its ability to burn fat, while simultaneously also minimizing its ability to store fat. We teach you this science and then help you apply this in your lifestyle.

But the science is not enough to get results. Everyone has a different body type, eating habits, lifestyle, genetics and medical history. We thus analyze your blood reports to find specific clues on your inability to shed fat easily.

Combining these, we set up a nutrition plan that reorient’s the body’s energy system to start using fat as the primary source of fuel. We continuously monitor your progress and suggest changes/experiments to optimize your results and help you get a better understanding of what works best for your body.


We are non-traditional and genre-breaking in our approach. And this is not because we want to differentiate ourselves for the sake of it. It is how we have been forged. It is thus important for you to understand our history and approach. Actual details of the program are in the other section on “Program Details“.