The core of our scientific method is our focus on not only teaching the body to maximize its ability to burn fat, but by simultaneously minimizing its ability to store fat.

We distinguish ourselves by understanding that all our clients are not the same. Each has a unique lifestyle, body type and genetics. Therefore, we analyse your blood test reports to find specific clues to your inability to shed fat with ease.

Your progress is continuously monitored and changes are recommended to optimize your results and help you gain a better insight into what works best for your body.


All that we do is geared towards ONE aim – To make this a sustainable lifestyle that you can lead independently.
Which means the benefits are long-term, fat loss is continuous, and this is a daily ‘lifestyle’ (fitting seamlessly into your food, work, home routine; not the other way round).
– Things should never feel restrictive.
– Never feel guilty or blame yourself w.r.t diet and health. Life happens.
– Indulge liberally in your favorite foods once in a while.
– No counting calories or obsessing over the routine more than your life.

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  1. We would like to see you drop fat and have an improved body composition.
  2. We aim to improve your general health markers that include your blood.
  3. Cholesterol/lipid markers, fasting glucose, insulin sensitivity, etc.
  4. We customize the program to drive better immunity, higher energy levels.




I was exposed to fitness at a very early age, with my father being in army, and also because he was an incredibly conditioned athlete, gymnast and boxer. Perhaps that had an effect on me, because while I love participating in sports, I have always harbored a strong desire to simultaneously develop and maintain a defined, athletic physique.

As I pursued this passion (through my teens and all the way into my early 30’s), my mantra was to blindly follow what I had read in fitness magazines. That mantra was to eat 5-6 meals a day, minimize my fat intake, do intense workouts, do lots of cardio and track my calories.

Once I started working in the IT industry, I found that routines were difficult to follow. The food in office was terrible in terms of quality. Planning for and carrying 4-5 prepared meals from home was impossible.